Fifth Grade

Welcome to the 5B Homework Page.  I will post homework daily.  Occasionally, homework may change during the school day.  If this occurs, student planners should override the website.  I will also post days that I stay for math help.

I will stay after school until 3:45 on Wednesday, December 19th for students who need math help.  Note: I cannot stay this week (week of 12/10).  Students should bring a note (email from parent is fine) with permission to stay.

Homework                                                                                                        Due

Math: Decimal mult. packet pg. 3 # 4 - 13                                                        12/17

Math: Finish pgs. 465-466, if not completed in class                                        12/17 

Math: Another decimal multiplication check up Tuesday (not all students)      12/18

Vocabulary: pg. 52 (if not finished in class)                                                      12/17

No reading log this week 

Memorize "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"                                  12/20


Long Term Projects                    

Mult. fact quizzes usually on Fridays

Reading Counts book 2 approved                                                                 1/4/19   

Start studying Midwest states/abbreviations (no capitals)                             after Christmas break