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Kindergarten September is finally here and kindergarten is in full swing!In the beginning of our year, we focus on review of the alphabet. We review one letter a day until we finish the alphabet. Then, we move on to learning sight words and concentrating for a longer period of time on each letter and the sound it makes. In Math, we are focusing on same and different and sorting by size, shape, and color. In Religion, we will learn all the gifts God has given us. We are looking forward to our annual Fall Festival on September 27th. Voting for our favorite class scarecrow will be so much fun!

October will be a month full of fun learning. We are about to start learning patterns in Math and by the middle of the month, we will be starting Superkids! It is so cool to learn who Cass, Coconut, and all the Superkids friends are, along with the letters they stand for and the sounds they make. We will even start to learn a few sight words! In Religion, we are still concentrating on God's gifts such as: water, land, animals, the sun, moon and stars. God is so good to us and we are so lucky He has given us so many wonderful gifts! Lastly, we look forward to Halloween and the special classroom activities that represent this holiday.

A brand new month is already upon us! November brings so many fun activities. It was KB's turn to decorate the table in the upstairs lobby. We made pumpkins depicting what we are thankful for. If you get a chance, take a look during our Open House on Nov. 7th. We will also have some great work hanging outside of the KA and KB classrooms. Looking ahead, we can't wait to celebrate Day 50! We wear clothes from the 50's and snack on ice cream floats! Then, towards the end of the month, our school will celebrate Thanksgiving in a special way. The entire school comes together to share a full Thanksgiving dinner prepared by our parent volunteers. What a wonderful way to celebrate all God has given us!

As December approaches, we reflect on all we have to be thankful for and we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus. Kindergarten has decorated their doors for the season of Advent. The theme in our wing is Love. Beginning the month is our family wreath decorating on December 2nd in the gym. In class, we are wrapping up graphing which is always a favorite. We will be moving on to teen numbers. In Language, we have met many Superkids and learned their letters and letter sounds. We are already able to tap out simple words and read some short sentences! The week before Christmas will be an exciting one for Kindergarten. Our Christmas Concert will be on December 17th, Polar Express Day on the 18th, our class trip to the Broadway Theatre of Pitman to see Frosty the Snowman on the 19th, and our class Christmas parties on the 20th. Wow, what a fun-filled week! We will then go home to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families. Merry Christmas!

WOW,a new year is already upon us! It is a new chance to be the best we can be. Kindergartners will be learning to compose and decompose numbers. We will be continuing with our Superkids to learn letters, sounds, and sight words. Reading is becoming easier for us now. We look forward to Martin Luther King Day when we do a service project for others. It is always such a great feeling! Then, at the end of the month we will celebrate Catholic Schools Week. We love to showcase our special projects, talents, and our awesome school. Look for further details on our website