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Monday - Library

Tuesday - Gym

Friday - Music 



Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020!


1/2   We read A Star for Me, Counting Your Blessings at Christmas by Jean Fischer.  We had a pretend snowball fight with Ms. Amanda's class in the gym.  We had an extra long playtime since we hadn't seen our friends in a while. We built some amazing creations. Don't forget tomorrow is a 1/2 day.

1/3  Today was an early dismissal. We read Federico and the Magi's Gift by Beatriz Vidal. We discussed the Three King's and their journey to Bethlehem.  We worked on snow activities, especially for fine motor skills. We had music and we played in the gym. 

1/6 In Library we had a sowball fight after reading a book about snow.  We practiced recognizing and writing the number 6.  We talked about animals that hibernate. We read The Last Straw by Fredrick Thury and colored a picture of the Three Kings. We reviewed the letter F, went outside, and read A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Stoeke. What a busy Monday!

1/7 We had so much fun in gym. We learned how important the name of Jesus is and we colored a picture of Jesus. We read When will it Snow? by Lisa Broadie Cook. We practiced recognizing and writing the number 7. We read our Scholastic Magazine which was entitled: Sleepy Animals.  We pretended we were hibernating bears! Did you know most bears snore when they sleep? We finished up the letter F,f and played outside while the weather is cooperating. 

1/8 We reviewed the letter G and practiced writing and recognizing the number 8. We began working on sight words. We are working on I, See, a. We were facinated by the little snow fall we had. We cut and measured snowman by size from shortest to tallest. Jack Hartman's Count to 100 and Zoophonics kept us moving and grooving today!

1/9 We read The First Sowfall by Anne & Harlow Rockwell.  We began making snowman chains with our name.  We worked on the sightword like and practiced writing and recognizing the number 9. We read A Bed for Winter by Karen Wallace and wondered what it would be like to be a dormouse looking for a place to sleep. We made our letters in the air while grooving to Jack Hartman's Exercising with the Alphabet. 

1/10 We had great fun in Music.  We read The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley. We talked about how different types of jackets can be worn in different weather.  We finished our snowman name chains.  We worked on the sightword see and practiced writing and recognizing the number 10. We got a chance to run around outside. We are looking forward to the warm weather this weekend.  See you Monday!

1/13 Today we welcomed Aurora to our class!  We read All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle.  We created a snowman glyph by coloring it according to some information about each of us. We then cut it out and made our snowman! We played outside and had a great day learning how to share and play nicely together.

1/14.  Lots of fun in gym today! We learned about the Holy Family.  We talked about our own family and have begun memorizing our address, We read The Mitten by Jan Brette. We traced the numbers 1-10 and designed mittens. We put together floor puzzles with our friends. 

1/15 We read Huggly's Snow Day by Tedd Arnold. We talked about the letter H and completed coloring H words, filling in the letter H, and practiced writing both upper and lower case H. We played with houses and colored our own house that has our address on it.  We practiced writing our names wth dry erase markers.  The paper has arrows on it so we can follow the correct direction when writing our names with the first letter uppercase and the rest lowercase. We began a project about peace in the world in honor or Martin Luther King Jr. 

1/16 We read The Snow Bear by Miriam Moss. We worked with the sight words I, see, like.  We completed a dot-to-dot to number 22(It was a mitten!). We colored, cut and glued mittens from shortest to tallest and matched upper and lowercase letters. We have been practicing some breathing and calm down techniques. We are working on memorizing The Our Father this month (We already know The Hail Mary and The Guardian Angel prayers). We played in the gym with Miss Amanda's class. 

1/17 We read Snowie Olie by   We had music, played in the gym, created a directed drawing of a penguin, learned some penguin facts, colored a peace paper, and talked about what we can do to show peace. Have a great wekend!  Stay warm.

1/20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - We read Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson.  We made Blessing Bags for Joseph's House and placemats for Cathedral Kitchen with our 6th grade buddies.  We read The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore and Thank You, Dr. King! by Robin Reid. What a fun day of service!

1/21 Today we focused on the letter S for snow! We read Here Comes the Snow by Angela Shelf Medearis, We practiced writing the letter s and read sentences containing s words.  We had a great time in gym.  We talked about being part of a family like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Holy Family.  We read Stories of Kindness staring the Disney Princesses. We built structures with our blocks and counted to 10 using object (snow related)






God Bless all you do!
Mrs. Angela Cavallo
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