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Morning Drop Off:
Morning Drop Off: 
(Drop off may begin at 7:40am.  Classes begin at 8:00am)
Preschool Only: 
Please park and walk your children to the front entrance of the school. 
Drop children off in the lobby with a school aide. 
Grades K-8:
1. If you have a child who cannot unbuckle themselves from their car seat, please park in the back parking spaces and walk your child to the door by Mr. Scannell.
2. When parking and walking your child to the doors, please cross ONLY at the Student Drop Off Signs. Mr. Scannell has a stop sign and will stop the cars when appropriate. He will then signal you to cross over. Please do not cross between cars. This is dangerous and we want to keep all the children safe.
3. If your child is able to exit the car independently, please have them gather their school bags upon entering the school parking lot. This will enable students to exit the car efficiently. 
4. Children may begin exiting the cars as soon as you are stopped in front of the row of cones. About 5-6 cars, should be able to drop off at one time once they have entered the line of cones. 
5. All children should enter the back doors by Mr. Scannell. For safety purposes, we are trying to have only one entry point.