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Quotes & Testimonials

Our new families chime in on their experience at RCS.......

  • "We have been so impressed with all the precautions and planning that has been put in place to open the school in a safe yet welcoming way. Communication between school and families has been excellent. The carline videos helped prevent any anxiety with what to expect while starting a new routine. The virtual Back to School evening was great. The teachers, students & families have been very welcoming and going the extra mile to help the new kids feel comfortable. We are so happy that we chose RCS to be our new “family." 
  • Our experience so far has been wonderful! After being home for such a long time I was sure this would be a hard transition, but both kids did great. They love their teachers and are excited to go to school. The teachers have been great communicators and quick to respond to emails. Thanks for all you are doing to create a safe and engaging learning experience!" 

  • "I wanted to just send a word of thanks and kudos to the staff and facility at RCS.  My husband and I are so impressed with everything so far and our daughter is enjoying herself.  Thank you all for the wonderful welcome and the precautions RCS has taken, we know that our daughter is safe and sound at school."  

  • "We are doing great! Beyond happy with our decision to join the RCS community. If it’s this great during a worldwide pandemic I can’t imagine how great it will be when we have some normalcy back!"

  • "I must say you all are doing an amazing job as we navigate this new normal. Our daughter is doing so well—she seems so happy to be in school. Even though it’s a new school, she seems to be handling it well. She really likes her teacher, and we appreciate that fact that she was put in the same class as her old schoolmate to make the transition a little easier. She had a very hard time last spring, and it was so difficult to watch her struggle and be unhappy. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to thrive (even though it’s only been a few weeks!) We really see an overall difference in her happiness and she is excited to go to school each day. We know you are doing all you can to stay open—and keep the kids safe—but even if we go virtual, I already see how committed the teachers are and know it will still be a great experience."

  • "The kids absolutely love their new school. RCS has welcomed them and made them feel very comfortable.  The teachers have been great."