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Primary Grades (K-2nd)
Intermediate Grades (3rd-5th)
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Intermediate Grades (3rd-5th)


Grades 3, 4, and 5

In the Intermediate grades, the concepts and skills learned in grades K-2 are developed and expanded.  

In Mathematics, our students are challenged to internalize the language of the discipline. Through applications that allow students to engage in and appreciate varied approaches, our students deepen their problem-solving skills. We emphasize classroom discussion and writing in mathematics so each student can further develop their understanding of mathematics. In 5th grade, students who meet the criteria are invited into the Accelerated Math Program. 

Beginning in grade 4, science and social studies become major subjects. Strong emphasis on building critical thinking skills spans all subjects. Long-term assignments and project-based learning support the various learning styles of our students and help them deepen their understanding of each subject matter.

The Language Arts program is the foundation of academic instruction in the Catholic elementary school. Retaining our Catholic identity is critical in the selection of reading and writing materials that we utilize with the students. Success in all areas of learning relies on competency in the four areas of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. In working toward this goal it is essential to employ teaching methods that support and challenge the varying needs of our students.

Learning to read is the gift of a lifetime. In the Intermediate grades, we continue to foster a love of reading and writing by exposing students to many types of literature with the goal of developing strong comprehension and critical thinking skills. 

S tudents continue weekly classes in computer, art, library, physical education, music, and Spanish.