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Beth RancaniGrade 4B

Welcome to 4th Garde! 3 Fun Facts About Me: 


1. I have one daughter who is 18 going on 35. She was born eleven weeks early and has been impatient since day one. Her driving is a special source of anxiety for me.
2. I have a three year old border collie/shepherd/wolf mix ( a true wild child that hates fireworks, water and thunder). The reason I bought my house years ago was because it is 10 houses down from the town's firework field. My dog has ruined July 4th for me. I also wanted a dog to walk on the beach with me- and with her hating water- that too is out for me!
3. I love nature, and the beach. I take long walks at night to see the critters- raccoons, foxes and deer that everyone else always sees around town, but not me. I think they purposely hide from me!