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School and Gym Uniforms:



Flynn & O'Hara:




Preschool Students  are not required to wear an RCS uniform.

School uniforms are worn from the first day of school in September to the closing of school in June.  
Warm weather uniforms:
Both boys and girls in grades 1-5 may wear the warm weather uniform, from the start of school in September until October 15th, and again from April 15th until the close of school in June.
Regular warm weather uniform consists of navy shorts and an RCS-monogrammed golf shirt. Navy knee socks and navy or black shoes (no white socks or sneakers with warm weather uniforms for grades 1-8).
Students are permitted to wear RCS gym shorts on gym days (or everyday for kindergarten) during the warm weather schedule.
Gym Uniforms:  
Green shorts with the RCS logo & a green or grey t-shirt with the RCS logo.  (RCS team shirts/shorts may not be worn for gym.)   The shorts are part of the warm weather uniform only.
Green sweatshirt with RCS logo & green sweat pants with (or without) RCS logo (no breakaway pants).  
Sturdy sneakers (laced to the top & tied) with white or black socks.
Note:  Gym uniforms are worn only on gym day in grades 1st - 8th.  Students participating in liturgy or special events on gym day are expected to bring their regular school uniform to wear during the special event.
Boys & Girls, Kindergarten:
Kindergarten students wear the RCS Gym Uniform every day.
Girls, Grades 1-5:
The girls in grades 1 through 5 will wear the green and black plaid jumper.  They may wear either a white polo or white Peter Pan blouse; and navy blue tights or knee socks. The socks must be pulled up.  The logo sweater is required as part of the winter uniform. 

Girls, Middle School:
Middle School girls will wear a green and black plaid skort, a white polo shirt, an RCS-momogrammed sweater vest, V-neck, or buttondown sweater, and navy blue knee socks or tights. The socks must be pulled up.     The skirt length must be no higher than  two inches  above the knee. 

Boys, Grades 1-8:
Boys will wear navy blue slacks with an RCS-monogrammed sweater vest and white polo shirt. 

School Shoes grades 1-8 - Students now have the option to wear black running sneakers with their school uniform.  The shoes must be all black with a black sole . The option to wear black sneakers is for safety when playing on the playground. Students will not be allowed to wear Converse Chucks, Ponies, or other like canvas shoes.  See picture below for an example of the type/style sneaker that may be worn. There will be no exceptions.
Girls, Grades 1-5:  Strap or padded oxford
Girls, Grades 6-8:  Eastland Oxford (no strap or slip-on shoes)
Boys, Grades 1-8:  Eastland Oxford
Shoes may be navy blue or black.  Sneakers are only part of the gym uniform.  They must have non-scuff soles.  Students are asked to not wear shoes that could be distracting in a classroom setting (with lights and noises).
Please ask someone at the school if you are unsure.
With pants and shorts, a belt must be worn by both girls and boys; shirts must be neatly tucked inside the pants and skorts at all times.
School Appropriate Clothing:
Periodically throughout the year students are offered the opportunity to come to school or participate in other school-sponsored activities without wearing uniforms.

We believe that clothing helps to set an atmosphere and influences behavior. While participating in school activities, students are representatives of Resurrection Catholic School.  For these reasons, we expect the following dress code to be maintained at all times:
  • Any images or slogans on clothing should be respectful.  They should be appropriate for all ages and in keeping with the Christian atmosphere of Resurrection Catholic School.
  • Shorts or skirts should be just above the knee or longer.  No short shorts are allowed.  No tight clothing, such as body suits and/or lycra shorts and pants should be worn.  Tank tops, tee-strap shirts or crop tops are not allowed.
  • Students are expected to be clean and well-groomed at all times.  No shredded or torn jeans are allowed.
If your child has outgrown their uniform, please remember the Uniform Exchange! You can drop off (or come in to "shop") during school office hours.