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Welcome to Art

All students (preschool thru 8th grade) have art once a week. My goal is to expose the students to a wide range of styles, time periods and media through a variety of hands on experiences in art class. Our students are encouraged to create works of art that challenge their creativity and apply the concepts that they have learned.

The developmental benefits of art education includes improved motor skills, language development, better decision making, visual learning and inventiveness.


Expectations for the Art Room

  1. Be Creative: have fun, be ready to work, try your best, be ready to make mistakes (it's ok - that's how we learn), and use your imagination.
  2. Be Courteous: raise your hand. Remember to say please and thank you. We should enter the room quietly, sit in our assigned seat, and wait for direction.
  3. Be Respectful: of all adults, the rules, of other's feelings, artwork and space.
  4. Be Responsible: for the supplies. Participate in your share of clean-up. Always push in chairs.
  5. Be Safe: with materials, tools, and everything around you. Use art materials appropriately.

"Artist Prayer"

(We will start art class with this prayer)

God, May I see creativity as something good and accept it as a gift.

Sharing it with others. Amen.

Make sure if you stop by the school, remember to check out the artwork on display throughout the school and the foyer. Everyone's work is displayed and then sent home for your enjoyment.


Most important items needed for art is a #2 pencil and a smile. No mechanical pencils please.