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Kindergarten September is finally here and kindergarten is in full swing!In the beginning of our year, we focus on review of the alphabet. We review one letter a day until we finish the alphabet. Then, we move on to learning sight words and concentrating for a longer period of time on each letter and the sound it makes. In Math, we are focusing on same and different and sorting by size, shape, and color. In Religion, we will learn all the gifts that God has given us.

October finds kindergarten in the swing of learning! We have learned and practiced positional words in Math. Next, we will move into patterns which is always a kindergarten favorite! In Language Arts, we are finishing our last two weeks of the alphabet before moving on to Superkids. We can't wait! Finally, in Religion, we are continuing to learn about God's gifts. We have talked about the gifts of ourselves, our five senses, light, land, water, plants and animals. How very lucky are we?

In November, we had a special Thanksgiving celebration in our K classrooms. We made Pilgrim hats and had a candy corn prayer. It was so much fun! Our school had a Thanksgiving Prayer Service as well. Also, each classroom filled a basket of food for a needy family. We were so glad to be able to provide a meal for them.

December was a fun month. We are getting closer and closer to being able to read not only words, but also sentences. It is a very exciting time for us! Our school held a Toy Drive for those less fortunate. Many children will be helped by our generosity. We are truly followers of Jesus.

WOW, a brand new year of possibilities is upon us! January finds us learning our teen numbers and demonstrating them on ten frames. We continue to study our sight words and enjoy meeting a new Superkid every week in Reading. We look forward to our Martin Luther King Day of service. Kindergarten will honor the healthcare workers at CHOP with a banner of thanks and thank you cards. Catholic Schools Week will begin at the end of the month and continue into the beginning of Feruary. It is always a fun-filled week!