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Welcome to Physical Education

All students (preschool thru 8th grade) have physical education once a week. My goal is to make gym fun and safe for every student. Preschool thru second grade will work to develop fundamental movement skills. Students will engage in the locomotor movements of running, skipping, galloping and jumping. We will develop manipulative skills through the school year. It is my goal to have every child feel confident with his or her individual throwing and catching, batting and kicking, rebounding redirecting. Third through eighth grade, students continue to focus on skill development with activities and games with small groups that allow everyone to participate. It is important to me to allow every student to develop at his or her own pace, and to encourage each individual to achieve his or her potential.

Sportsmanship is an integral part of the physical education classes. With the ability to work  with each other, students can have an excellent experience in class. We will discuss the importance of respect, cooperation and teamwork, appreciation for others, and fair play. 

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