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Welcome to Mrs. Cavallo's Preschool Class

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Gym

Friday - Music 

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3/2 What a great way to start a new month.  Celebrating Dr. Seuss is so much fun.  I'm lucky I share a birthday with such a creative man. We went to the Library.  When we came back we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.  We created our own red or blue fish with yarn, sparkles, and liquid glue.  They are so creative. We counted and graphed goldfish crackers (then of course we were allowed to eat them). We also had soft pretzels and cupcakes for snack. We had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We did have a fire drill.  I stressed the importance of safety and why it is necessary to do them. We read A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer. We also sang many fishy songs today as well. I can't wait until tomorrow to read another book.  Don't forget to bring your favorite stuffed animal!

3/3 It was so great seeing everyone's stuffed pet.  I had extras for anyone who may have forgotten! We read What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Seuss. We talked about the care of a pet and colored and put together a sequencing page. We drew the "Pet of our Dreams".  We matched animals to their shadows as we cut and glued. We read Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire.  We painted the first part of our spotted animal and will put the rest together tomorrow. We listened to Pet Songs for Kids by Super Simple Songs. . We had gym and had lots of fun. Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday.  Wear you wackiest outfit! 

3/4 Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. "It all began with that shoe on the wall..." We read Wacky Wednesday by Theo LeSieg.  Many of use had some wacky items of clothing.  We drew our Wacky Self.  We sang Wacky songs, and we even drew under the table instead of on top! We got a chance to enjoy the Wacky weather as well. We continued working on our spotted animal from yesterday. Tomorrow we will have green eggs and ham.  Don't forget to wear pajamas or green clothing! 

3/5 Green eggs and ham are delicious seems to be the consensus! We saw how to crack an egg, turn it from yellow to green, and we watched it cook. The best part was eating it! We also had a pretzel treat that looked like eggs!  We read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. We colored a picture of them and practiced writing the title of the book. Everyone did their best. We read I Am Not Going to Get up Today by Dr. Seuss. We had a chance to enjoy another gorgeous day outside!

3/6 !/2 day today. We had a very special visit from The Cat in the Hat!  He read to us, sang to us, and made us laugh.  We had so much fun! We were all Things today and Mrs. Cavallo was the Teacher of All Things! We had music and just had a great day.  We colored, cut , and glued and made our own Things.  Have a great weekend!

3/9 We began our day with Library.  We then went over the Gospel from this weekend.  We learned a long word called Transfiguration ( a complete change of appearance). I also told them we could call it "Shiny" Sunday because Jesus was clothed in light. We learned that God told us to listen to his beloved son. We watched a Scholastic video on Arctic foxes and how they camoflage themselves. We created a habitat for an Arctic fox.We completed an -at family Dr. Seuss hat.  We did our Zoo phonics and count to 100.  We had fun outside playing with our friends and traced animal shadows on paper while we were outside. 

3/10 We began our day with gym class.  We talked about St. Patrick and how he taught about the Holy Trinity.  We cut our hearts to make a shamrock shape. We practiced the number 6 in our packet.  We followed an ABC path shaped like shamrocks.  We also followed the numbers 1-20 on a path as well. We had a chance to get outside before the rain came. We had a lesson from Mrs. Slimm (the nurse) on proper handwashing.  We saw how easily germs can be spread (we used glitter to demonstrate). 

3/11 We had a busy day today.  We read The Luckiest Leprechaun by Justine Korman.  We painted rainbows with qtips. We found and colored the letter F on a feet paper.  We learned about the parable of the Prodigal Son and talked about good choices and saying we're sorry if we don't make good choices.  We learned that God forgives us no matter what!  We played outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

3/12 We finally were able to decorate our "crazy" socks that we wanted to do during Dr. Seuss week! We watched the Scholastic video for What Should He Wear? We learned about the proper clothing during different types of weather. We did a directed drawing of a leprechaun in our journal. We completed the rainbows that we painted yesterday. We listened to a book about a leprechaun and his gold. We worked on addition using our fingers on each hand. Don't forget tomorrow is a half day.  Wear orange for Kidney Cancer Awareness tomorrow. 







2/3 We were so happy to learn that the groundhog didn't see his shadow and we may have an early spring.  We colored a picture and had a groundhog treat at snack. We read a Scholastic book called Light and Shadow.  We then read I Love My Shadow! by Hans Wilhelm. We think it's great that we always have our shadow to play with!  We worked on the letter I,i. We colored and cut an Ice Castle. We discussed how ice freezes and watched a Scholastic video abour freezing.  We enjoyed this nice weather by going outside to play! 

2/4 Gym was so much fun.  We finished up the letter I,i by coloring an I with our favorite ice cream flavor and doing a directed drawing of an igloo. We read the Scholastic weekly reader about ice.  We talked about the water cycle and read Ice Boy by David Ezra Stein. We put water into the freezer to see what would happen. We even made our own "ice" buildings out of plastic cups (individually and in groups). We had a special icecream treat for Lily's birthday!  We continued talking about shadows.  We read Chasing Shadows by Lynne Pickavance.  We also read Groundhug Day by Anne Marie Pace. We talked about how we are friends of Jesus and what we should do for others. 

2/5 We finished our science ice experiment by taking the frozen ice and trying to melt it with a partner. Many groups just poured the water on a little at a time.  One group immediately put the ice into the warm water.  That's the one that melted the quickest! We re-read  Ice Boy by David Ezra Stein because we liked it so much yesterday! We played with heart foam shapes and heart beads to create designs. We worked on heart shape patterns.  We read The Valentine Express by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and talked about the letter V.  We colored a V picture, practiced writing Vs, and talked about vapor as being part of the water cycle. This book helped us to realize that Valentines can brighten up anyone's day! 

2/6 We read The Day It Rained Hearts by Feicia Bond.  We then made a puppy out of heart shapes. They came out really cute! We worked in our green book on the letter U for umbrella.  This was very appropriate during this dreary wet weather. We played in the gym and did some learning about personal space using Hula Hoops. We traced the word heart and colored our own heart picture. We also read the book My Tooth is About to Fall Out by Grace Maccarone. We wil be talking about our teeth during the month of February because it is dental health month. 

2/7 12:00 dismissal today. We had fun singing in Music. We read Clifford Loves Me! by Thea Feldman.  We traced the word LOVE and colored a picture to go along with it.  We q-tip painted Love Bugs with sparkly red paint. We read Valentine Friends by Ann Schweninger,  We played in the gym during the rainstorm. We spread shaving cream on our tables and drew letters, shapes, and pictures.  This was a fun sensory experience. We got a chance to watch Treehouse : Dragon Valentine's Day with Miss Amanda's class.  Have a great weekend. Can't wait till Frozen breakfast tomorrow. 

2/10 We had Library with Mrs. Becker.  We decorated our Valentine Bags.  We read Biscuit's Valentine's Day by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. We completed a paper sounding out letter V words. We colored, cut and glued them.  We worked on identifying Upper and Lowercase letters by cutting them and placing them on the correct shape. We read My Loose Tooth by Stephan Krensky as we celebrate Dental health month. We talked about the importance of brushing our teeth at least twice a day. We got to build structures with a partner using different materials (legos, lincoln logs,magnetiles,cups and sticks, wooden blocks, etc). 

2/11 We did an obstacle course in gym. It was so much fun. We discussed Baptism and watched a video of a real life baby Baptism. We worked on a Valentine Card for some special people. We read the Scholastic magazine called We Love Friends and talked about how to be good friends. We worked on rhyming words and how they sound alike at the end of the word. We practiced following lines on a Love Bug paper.  We were really trying to concentrate as we counted while we were focusing on the lines. We are continuing reading our second real chapter book Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo. We are really enjoying stopping to wait for what comes next.  Sometimes it's really hard to wait! 

2/12 We did a science experiment tooday with candy hearts.  We predicted, observed, and drew what we saw. We put them in water, vinegar, and clear soda.  It was cool to see how they reacted to each liquid. We then sorted are own candy hearts by color and learned how to use tallys to count them. We got to eat one and the rest we can eat at home.  We read Little Mouse's Big Valentine by Thacher Hurd.  We also read Doc McStuffins My Huggy Valentine. We went outside and got to draw with chalk on the black top. We made lots of pictures and wrote our letters and numbers outside.  We're glad we had some dry weather today. 

2/13 We colored a ladybug by number today while we were finishing up our Valentine Cards. We read The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors by Jan & Mike Berenstain.  We talked about who are neighbors are, how we should treat them, and how Jesus would like us to treat them. We reviewed our shapes and practiced tracing them in a box of chocolates.  We read The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing. 

2/14 Happy Valentine's Day! We had fun in music this morning. We created our own Heart hats to wear today. We reviewed some alphabet letters by coloring some "Love" Bugs. We read Valentine's Day by Anne Rockwell. We had an awesome icecream party and made a craft with Mrs. Gianfortune and Mrs. Donato. I'm sending home all their Valentines so that they may open them with you! We had a chance to run off some of our energy in the gym.  We also worked with following direction both verbally and just visually. We've also been working on syllables and rhyming words this week. Enjoy the long President's weekend. Don't come back until Tuesday!

Week of Feb. 17-21  Thanks for all your help this week.  My husband's surgery went well.  Please keep the prayers coming.  Here are the things we did today, Friday, Feb. 21:  We had music.  We read The Big Box by Suzanne Barchers. We talked about what we would do if we found something that did not belong to us.  In honor of Black History month we read The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, We worked on the letters C and O in our green book.  We practiced our color words and writng and working on the number 1. We read Wiggly Tooth by Catherine Lukas and Clifford's Loose Tooth by Norman Bridwell. We got to play in the gym with our friends.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

2/24 We read My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook.  It is about a boy who has a difficult time keeping his words inside his mouth.  They really liked the book and many understood how it's not polite to interrupt others. We worked on our color words and the numbers 10-15.  We began discussing Lent and how tomorrow is Mardi Gras.  We created masks for tomorrow. We colored the word Alleluia because we will put away the Alleluia until Easter. We were able to spend some of this georgeous day outside playing with our friends. 

2/25 We had gym this morning. We had lots of Mardi Gras fun today.  We danced to Mardi Gras music with instruments in our classroom. We colored the word Mardi Gras with yellow(gold for power), purple (for justice) and green (for Faith).  We had donuts from Krispy cream for "Fat Tuesday". We paraded to the gym with the rest of the school and burried the "Alleluia".  We wrapped up our Alleluias and placed them in a box on our prayer table until Easter. We changed the color on our prayer table to purple for Lent. We read The Big Race by Suzanne Barchers.  We learned that sometimes it is better to help a friend instead of winning at something. We practiced writing the number 2. We also had fun singing lots of songs from our classroom song bank, this includes a lot of Nursery Rhymes and fun songs. We finished our second Chapter book and can't wait to start the next one. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. 

2/26 We had an Ash Wedneday Prayer Service with the Preschool classes.  We read from the Bible, sang songs and received ashes. We colored an Ash Wednesday picture, begn learning a Lenten Prayer song, worked on the letter G in our green book, worked on the number 3, and began reading our new chapter book, Mercy Watson Fights Crime by Kate DiCamillo. We even had some time to play in the gym.

2/27 We were so lucky to have a visit from a pediatric dentist, Francine J. Paladino, D.M.D..  She showed us how to brush our teeth and talked about which foods are good for our teeth. We worked on our Lent prayer song and colored a picture to hang in out hallway.  We worked on the number 4 and discovered that we make the number four out of the letter Ll. We played in the gym and read Wake Me in Spring by James Preller. We made letters out of unifix cubes.  It was hard to do some of the letters because they have curves.  We improvised at times! 

2/28 We had a great day celebrating that this is Leap Year. We read Leopold's Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday by Dawn Desjardins.  We lept over numbers to count by 2. We colored a leap year picture. We went to the gym and lept like frogs. We had fun using plastic frogs and tried to get them into the box in the middle of the table by pushing on the back of them (like the game Ants in the Pants). We had music this morning. We worked in our green book on the letter S and we worked on the number five.  When you write a five you start at the top by drawing a line, giving it a belly and then putting a hat on it. Enjoy your weekend. I'm looking forward to Dr. Seuss week next week. 







God Bless all you do!
Mrs. Angela Cavallo
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