Preschool 4C

 Rainbow News

School wide-early Dismissal/ Pick up in the rear parking lot - 1/2 day preschoolers are always dismissed at noon. Preschoolers will be dismissed in the rear of the school. If you are facing the school in the back parking lot, the preschool Rainbows will be dismissed from the far RIGHT door. Please do not come up the steps unless it is raining. This exist is only for 1/2 day preschoolers on school-wide early dismissal days. Full day preschool 4 students and all of preschool 3 students will be dismissed near the gym.  (If you have children in both 1/2 day preschool 3 and 1/2 day preschool 4, please meet your children near the gym with Mrs. Voila.)  

Rainbows Special Schedule:

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - None

Thursday - Gym 

Friday - Music